Delusions of Adequacy is a site that will attempt to celebrate the average Battletech fans attempts at generating the parade schemes of all the units we've come to know and love... or hate. CamoSpecs is the best of the best, we here are the other 95%. While the miniatures might not be perfect, each one represents our most honest attempts at being part and parcel of the wonderful universe that is BATTLETECH

Lyran Commonwealth The Lyran Commonwealth (House Steiner)
Logo - Draconis Combine The Draconis Combine (House Kurita)
Federated Suns Logo The Federated Suns (House Davion)
Capellan Confederation The Capellan Confederation (House Liao)
Free Worlds League The Free Worlds League (House Marik)
Clan Blood Spirit Clan Blood Spirit
Clan Cloud Cobra Clan Cloud Cobra
Clan Coyote Clan Coyote
Clan Ghost Bear Clan Ghost Bear
Clan Hells Horse Clan Hell's Horses
Clan Jade Falcon Clan Jade Falcon
Clan Snow Raven Clan Snow Raven
Clan Wolf Clan Wolf
Clan Wolf in Exile Clan Wolf in Exile
Free Rasalhague Republic Free Rasalhauge Republic
Magistry of Canopus Magistry of Canopus
Mercenaries Mercenaries
Star League The Star League
Comstar Comstar
The Word of Blake The Word of Blake